Hip-hop artist Mr. Jones is back with ‘No Time to Waste.’ I had the pleasure of reviewing his previous album Long Time Coming which was my introduction to his sound and style. No Time to Waste is a refinement of Mr. Jones’s rap persona, an overhaul in his production value, and an overall high-quality hip-hop album. Throughout its 40 minute runtime, I was happy to see Mr. Jones back in his zone with clever one-liners, bouncy flows, and an assortment of fun and enjoyable beats.

Supersonic is the first track of the album. Immediately, one can tell that his mixing and mastering has gone up a notch, thanks to his new producer P.K beats. The beat is a combination of synth, techno, and light EDM, giving a futuristic and utopian vibe. Mr. Jones wastes no time in delivering his punchy one-liners; the “like a bladder infection, urine trouble” bar made me chuckle. His album is sprinkled with these witty one-liners that show his creative genius. Jailbreak is the next track that shows Mr. Jones’s more vulnerable side. It’s a deeply introspective song that portrays his mental anxiety and has an overall darker tone to it. Cashing Out has an 80s vibe to it with its sampling, and I enjoyed the storytelling element of the track. Mr. Jones is economical with his bars, and not even one word feels like its filler. Punchlines have a subdued instrumental that helps elevate Mr. Jones’s lyrical content even further. You can tell he’s just in his zone and having fun on the track from his wordplay and lyrics. Low Notes is another song that focuses on being at a low point in life. Mr. Jones exposes the state of his mind on this track. The production here feels so clean and precise. I loved the fusion of vocals, and all elements in the track contributed to a cohesive listening experience. Rising Above starts with A Grade sampling, and thankfully Mr. Jones lets the beat ride for 15 seconds before jumping in the track. His verse is a reflection on his come-up and past that is enhanced with his vivid delivery and storytelling. 

Council House Strange begins with Mr. Jones’s signature bouncy flow and precise delivery. I love the mystic vibe of this song’s production along with the few Jazz instruments. Hook Beat Money was definitely the strongest track of the whole album due to Mr. Jones’s explosive flow, gritty imagery and enchanting hook. The track has all the hallmarks of a banger. The next track, Power, is all about having high self-worth, loving oneself. The track has a more mainstream appeal which is partially elevated by AEC’s excellent singing. Thinking has an exquisite soul sample and has Mr. Jones showing his various trains of thought. It’s a glimpse inside his mind and exposes his fears, ambitions, and dreams. Feeling Good is the first big tonal shift of the album where the production incorporates a distinct island sound. It’s a fresh track that delivers nothing but positive and uplifting vibes. As the penultimate track, it stands out. The album ends on a strong note with Dead to Me, which is Mr. Jones displaying his more brute, hard and gritty side. 

Overall, I appreciate Mr. Jones’s dedication to his craft. From Long Time to Coming to No Time to Waste, he has shown a lot of growth, maturity, and evolution. I highly recommend listening to this masterpiece of an album!


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