Pittsburgh Underdog is a new hip-hop track from artist ‘Jordan York’. Throughout its 3 minute runtime, I was impressed by York’s central theme of putting in hard work despite being overlooked by peers. His lyrical content, along with an immaculate Charlee Beatz production, felt easy on the ears, deeply enjoyable, and highly repayable.

The track’s instrumentals have all the hallmarks of a mid-2000s track with their own unique blend. York opens up with a catchy hook elaborating on how he has lived life as an underdog and played with the cards dealt to him. However, he wastes no time establishing that he’s not a victim, but he’s set to overcome his odds and become a symbol of perseverance and hard work. It was an uplifting track that showed York’s personality and charisma. 

If you want to listen to a motivational song and see Jordan York’s immense dedication to the rap game as well as hard work, I highly recommend listening to this track!  


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