Lucha Libre” is a hip-hop album by artist $urferr Gold. Throughout the 13 tracks, I was mesmerized by $urferr Gold’s ability to craft an atmosphere in his songs and transport listeners to new places through symbolism and emotive delivery. Lucha Libre felt like a fully realized project with influences from trap and R&B.

The first half of the album is dominated by energetic songs that help solidify $urferr Gold’s sound and defining aesthetics. Soul in the Dark has a spacey and trap-heavy vibe. Due to his strong presence in the song, he can paint a dark picture of his mindset and the place he’s coming from. Tears immediately capitalizes on this ambiance with its Travis Scott influence. I felt Gold’s delivery was full of emotion and feeling. His verse in the latter half added more substance to the song and left a lasting impression. Rule the World has strong Kid Cudi vibes with a darker and fantastical aesthetic to it. My only gripe is that the track ends too early. White Hoodie is a moody track that uses a slower tempo to elevate its sound and depth. 

Devotion immediately starts with heavy-hitting 808s. I was instantly caught by the laidback and xany vibe of the track. Lyd’s chemistry with Gold made the track special and an excellent way to end the logical first half of the album. I felt the following tracks had their own tone: War carried a serious tone with it and an equally aggressive message.  Brain Washed focuses on the distorted inner monologue of $urferr Gold. He goes back and forth with himself, and it feels like he has reached out for a previously unexplored inner dimension.

$urferr Gold is not afraid of giving everything to the rap game and his career as an artist. War was my favorite song by far in this album. Promises was the next highlight for me with its distant production and more established sound. $urferrr Gold felt natural and comfortable on this instrumental. Don carried a distinct Juicewrld and Lil Uzi Vert influence. Gold was experimenting a little bit into the emo territory with this song, and it paid off immensely. The subject matter dove deep into his mindset and was abundant with introspection. The album ends on a moody note with She Don’t Even Know. 

Overall, I felt that the specialized trap/tranc-ey production and $urferr Gold’s prolific performance set the uniqueness of this album’s sound. No song felt out of place, and they all worked well together towards the dark and psychedelic aesthetic that Gold was aiming to craft. I highly recommend listening to this album!

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