“Liquid Relaxation” is an album by artist BeatsMadeByFresh. The six track album contains tracks that are masterfully crafted to produce a relaxing, meditative and transcendent experience. BeatsMadeByFresh has a penchant for sticking to a core signature sound while also exploring different instruments, percussions and influences.

Tracks such as The Interworld and Soul Waves have a lo-fi appeal to them. The former sounds spacey, meditative while the latter uses distant background vocals. I thought the addition of the light chimes in the Soul Waves was a nice touch. Lost in Time was definitely my favorite of the batch. As soon as the song plays past its intro, it shows its mind-opening and multi-layered nature. You Will feels like an amalgamation of the previous beats with a touch of bass. Internal Thoughts had a conclusive feel to it as if I was watching the last episode of a short saga.

For me, Liquid Relaxation touches the sweet spot between active and passive music and It lives up to its name! If you want to listen to something pure instrumentals, give this album a listen!

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