Tre Digga is an artist who’s got the right hunger, skills, and talent to make it in the rap game. I was thoroughly mesmerized by his tracks that incorporated different facets and aspects of modern hip-hop.

The first song that I came across on his Youtube channel was Downtown Girl. I think it serves as a perfect introduction to Tre Digga and the appeal that his music holds. It’s a scenic and mellow track that is interwoven with hard-hitting 808s and moving acoustic inflections. Tre Digga goes in with his verse that is an ultimate testament to his loyalty and dedication to his lover. I could feel the hunger in his voice and the rawness that is reminiscent of early Cole.

The next song I came across was Five. Instantly the track boasts a darker aesthetic. Tre’s verse is part braggadocios, part threatening. The song is all about proving himself and his place in the rap game. I appreciated the energy that he displayed and his overall presence on the track.

Cream was a laidback and hearty track with a rich and equally heartfelt feature by Miss Benzo. In essence, it’s a love song that has Tre rapping about his love interest. The intimate nature of the track is further exemplified by the butter smooth vocals from Miss Benzo. I loved their chemistry and command over the track. Both artists bodied the beat.

Panamur has a multi-layered production with a trance-inducing hook and an equally entrancing verse by Tre. It’s a song that’s made to be on people’s rotations with its club appeal and energetic verse. The simple repetition of “Call it Panamur” sounded so natural and infused well with Tre’s verse on the track. Mr. Panamera has a Latin influence on its production and is thematically similar to Panamur. While it lacks the rotatory appeal of Panamur, it makes up for it in how earthy and raw it sounds. I loved the instrumental used by Tre.

Rise YYC was the next song I heard. It saw the return of Miss Benzo. Tre raps about rising up after a hard year of the pandemic and uncertainties that enveloped his life. I enjoyed Miss Benzo’s presence on the track, and her vocals were a welcome addition.

Tre Digga has a fantastic array of singles on both Spotify and Youtube. I am looking forward to hearing his debut album that incorporates all his strengths from the work that I have listened to.

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