“Music Reborn” is the debut album from a Chicago collective known as “Bankflow family”. The team, which consists of T Law, Karizmatik, and Unique Soul delivers a 17 song album that showcases their strengths and what music really means to them. Over the course of its runtime, I was excited to see the topics that they reflected upon and what avenues they chose to express musically. I was very pleased with the production of the album, their beat choices, and their level of detail in regards to their themes and objectives. Music Reborn is a fully fleshed-out album that covers a lot of topics and themes beautifully.

The album starts with Until It’s Over, which introduces the Bankflow family. The track has a grand-sounding instrumental with an early 2000s feel to its production. The group raps about taking over the rap game and showcases their skills. Breath of Fresh Air kicks off with a beautiful piano heavy instrumental. The Bankflow family display their tough side and talk about changing the game from the ground up. The track lives up to its name as fresh air is used as a metaphor to drive out the pollution, which is ‘wack artists’. I liked their approach and aggression in this track.

Victorious, Prove Em Wrong and Make It Celebrating operate on the same wavelength where the group raps and sings about having a winning mindset and making it through past all odds. These three tracks have a strong motivational push to them where each artist eats up their verse and complements each other. The strength of the Bankflow family is how well they mesh together and exhibit their chemistry on the tracks. Unique Soul delivers the softness through her melodic voice, while both T Law and Karizmatic deliver nuggets of truth through their unique rapping styles and personas. With their various styles and cadences, they are able to keeps the track fresh and unpredictable.

Life is a Journey and Testimony is where the theme of the album draws more on spirituality and the bigger picture of Life. I liked the vibes I got from Life is a Journey. The group sounds more raw and hungry on the track while also delivering a boom-bappy flow. Testimony is a deeply spiritual track where their verses are laid over a mysterious synth-influenced beat.

NS and Loving Me are the next tracks where love and romance take center stage. I was thoroughly mesmerized by their energy and vibrance in these two tracks. Here they mostly rap about the complexities of love life and let romance blossom. Loving Me had strong 808’s and heartbreak influences that I really appreciated as a Kanye fan.

I Got Options was the highlight for me in the middle part of the album. It employs a spacey modern beat. The Bankflow family raps about dealing with haters and living the Life of options and preferences due to their hard work and commitment to a laudable work ethic. A life of options allows them to not settle for less and always aim for more. There are callbacks to their come-up. I enjoyed the concept, and I think they executed it quite gracefully in the track.

Day of the Reckoning immediately starts with a darker beat. I enjoyed the production of the song and thought it carried a lot of aggression. I especially enjoyed how interwoven the rapping was with the track. The group was able to ride the beat effortlessly. Drift was a laidback track in comparison. It was slow, heartfelt, and very introspective overall. I thought it delved deeper into self-reflection and the topics that it was trying to portray. What Have We Done was the next track that dealt with communal self-reflection. It was a macroscopic look at the problems of the black community. At times it was hard to listen to because it was infused with brutal honesty and accurate observations. September 5th served as a sweet interlude to the album and a tribute to one of the group member’s daughters.

The last three tracks were where the curtains started to draw. I thought Musical Inspiration was a highlight of the tail end of the album. All the threads of Music Born seemed to converge here where the Bankflow Family showed their dedication to the power of music and the messages they can deliver using this powerful medium. At that moment, I understood that they were ready to give everything to their craft and careers. For them, music emanates from the soul, and the album shows how strong their belief is in that notion. Black Excellence was the closing track of the album and an ode to the black community. It is an inspirational song that delivers positive vibes and messages aimed at uplifting the black community. I thought it was a thoughtful end to a well-developed body of work.

Overall, I enjoyed Music Reborn and highly recommend listening to it!

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