“The Surface” is a hip-hop album by artist FEELSOUL. Throughout its 7 tracks, I came to appreciate and enjoy the laidback vibe, clever wordplay and intricate themes dispersed throughout the album. FEELSOUL does a good job of fleshing out his ideas and concepts without wasting time or using filler tracks. He gives a ton of value through his rhymes and verses.

The production of the album employs organic instruments and soulful beats that work well with FEELSOUL’s nostalgic style. His delivery is precise, verbose, and abundant with metaphors. Relaying complex ideas through analogies and wordplay comes naturally to him, and I found myself listening to some tracks multiple times. The album starts off with Thank You and Gold Grammy’s, where FEELSOUL fleshes out his mindset and what he wants his career to be. The album has a fair bit of introspection, self-reflection, and self-acceptance. I felt drawn to the way FEELSOUL presented his ideas bar after bar. It ends with a strong note in Pretend where FEELSOUL talks about continuing the struggle and walking on the path he has chosen for himself.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to The Surface and hope to hear more music from him in the future.

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