“Slatt Star” is a hip-hop project by artist Yung Kobra. Throughout its modest runtime of 26 minutes, I was mesmerized by the stellar trap production, impeccable vocal inflections, and fleshed-out themes of this project. Yung Kobra is talented when it comes to crafting vibey melodies and trance-inducing songs.

First and foremost, the production of this album needs to be appreciated. I found the modern trap-inspired instrumentals enjoyable; however, the acoustic backgrounds present in most tracks took the cake for me. This amplified the potential for the songs to sound even more melodic and mesh well with Yung Kobra’s spacey voice.

The album kicks off with Mountains which as grand-sounding as its name. It’s a trippy track that introduces Yung Kobra just going off with tons of energy that sets the momentum for the rest of the album. Lottery is a slow burn in contrast. Yung Kobra reflects on being in a better place in life and earning money through his resilience and hard work. His verses are descriptive and vivid. Overall the track is laid back in nature coupled with a rich feature from Pada Esco.

The next couple of tracks do a good job establishing Yung Kobra as this trap-influenced stunner who is out for his slice of the pie. Finessin runs with a beautiful acoustic background and has the hallmarks of a mainstream banger. My only complaint was that it was too short with a runtime of only 2 minutes. Cuz I Sing employs a lot of decent singing and an injection of energy by Chace Bankz. Slums is a multi-layered song that showcases Yung Kobra’s introspectiveness. He looks back at his struggles and how people’s perception of him was different from what it is now.

Foreign follows the theme of living the highlife and enjoyed the background bass in the song. No Trust was where Yung Kobra shows off his Lil Baby influence and even has a cheeky reference to Drip Too Hard. I especially enjoyed the flow had in this song. Rockstar and Switchin’ Lanes were where the curtains start to draw. The feature by Shellz in Rockstar felt completely cohesive and meshed well with Yung Kobra’s rapping persona. The album had a strong closing track, and I was impressed by how Yung Kobra was able to keep his production and sound consistent throughout.

Overall, I had an absolute blast listening to Slatt Star and hope to hear more music from Yung Kobra.

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