Ready to Try is a hip-hop project by artist Jake Bevan. Throughout the modest 22 minute runtime of the album, I was introduced to the creative world of Jake Bevan. What does that world look like? Stellar production, precise delivery, multi-dimensional persona, and melodious song design. Jake Bevan seems to have captured lightning in a bottle.

Starting from the Intro, where an audio clip plays over mellow, minimalist instrumental, I realized that I was in for a treat. The production seemed to be just right and not too intrusive for an opening track. Dear Lord plays next. The smooth piano instrumental is complemented by Jake rapping about his spirituality and religion. I loved the singing on this track as there was a lot of harmonizing with the beat. The idea here is to push forward, which adheres to the concept of “Ready to Try.”

Elevated was the fun track with the modern beat. Jake reflects on simpler and fun times. His storytelling skills take the cake here, along with his engaging rhythm. Jake’s rapping is all about precision and perfect delivery. I enjoyed how he couples this with storytelling to get his message across effectively. Elevated is a play on being higher in social status as well as state of mind. Rhyme or Vibe was the high point of the album for me. It has a strong flavor of early Kanye thanks to its vintage soul sample. For me, going into this song was an absolute treat, and that’s where Jake shined the most. Again, I might be biased because of the impeccable production.

Passion Fruit was the R&B side of the album. The beat is catchy, and it has the most potential to blow up into the mainstream. I sensed some Drake and The Weekend influence, especially with the romantic angle of the song.

Love it When was the next crescendo in Ready to Try. The lo-fi beat coupled with piano keys makes for a great instrumental. It’s an incredibly potent and introspective song where Jake reminisces about a girl he values a lot. The lyrics are deep and heartfelt. I love how he uses the beat over here and lets it marinate as the song ends. I can tell he enjoyed producing this song.

I Worry Too Much is a slow song showing the vulnerable side of Jake. He relays his fears and explores his anxieties. It’s a very open and down-to-Earth experience. That’s where Jake becomes the most relatable, and the meaning of the album comes to the center of the stage. It’s about fighting his demons, improving himself, and trying his best. This song is a mature example of an artist’s reflection and emotional intelligence.

Repulsive is the banger that ends the album. Immediately, it carries a darker and sinister vibe. Jake seems to be tearing his opps down. In this song, Jake takes the gloves off and throws in some punches. I think it was an unexpected way to end the album. The track in itself is quite a decent diss however I felt that the outro could have been more cohesive to the central idea of the album.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to “Ready to Try” by Jake Bevan. I highly recommend listening to this album.

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