“Live at the MTA” is a hip-hop/R&B album by artist Jamell Nyt. Throughout the 11 track project, I was mesmerized by Jamell’s ability to captivate my attention by heartfelt songwriting, mellow instrumentals, and solid performance. I came out of the album appreciating the atmosphere and vibe that Jamell delivers throughout the project.

If there’s one thing that Jamell needs to be lauded for; its consistency of quality. The difference between the high and low points of the album was not drastic, and he was able to keep the tone on a similar level and focus on the cohesiveness of the content.

Make Cents was the opening track to Live at the MTA. The song’s banger beat that materialized after a slow burn was complemented by Jamell coming in hot with his verse. I was caught off guard by his ability to switch up his cadence through singing. Overall it was a very versatile performance. In the context of the album, the opening reminded me of “Tuscan Leather” by Drake from Nothing Was The Same; a predominantly rap track followed by tracks with a mixture of singing and rap.

Songs like No More Time, US, and Lost Love left a lasting impression on me. Coupled with piano and acoustic instrumentals, Jamell delivered a melodic performance. US stood out to me because of how intimate and slow it was. Jamell’s lyrical storytelling was on another level, and his ability to craft an atmosphere for each song felt fresh and inviting.

She’s Different offered something different from the previous tracks. Through his vivid storytelling, Jamell sang about having his eyes on a hard-to-get girl who had it all figured out in life. The worth, likeability, and independence of this woman shone through his songwriting. He’s very verbose with his lyrics, and that helps the creative process of the listener. I appreciate his skills in that regard.

Glory was an energetic penultimate track that carried a strong melody. It was essentially a prayer to God and showcased Jamell’s religious and spiritual side. This was a dimension that he hadn’t explored in the album so far. The way he conceptualized his connection with God made me appreciate how he had dedicated an entire song to this idea.

The album finishes with “Beautiful,” which is quite honestly my favorite track here. It’s a slow and soulful song where the beat and vocals seem to be interwoven seamlessly. Jamell talks about his imperfections and his efforts at trying his best. The electric guitar riff sounded heavenly and beyond satisfying.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to Live at The MTA and look forward to hearing more music from Jamell Nyt. 

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