Sky is Never the Limit” is a new single by hip hop artist Marcus Alland. Throughout the three-minute playtime of the track, Marcus gives a mesmerizing performance over a tightly produced instrumental. He’s got the substance and the style to make sure that this new single remains in people’s rotations for days to come.

Starting with the production, I felt that all the elements came together cohesively. There was a trap-heavy vibe to the track, making it sound modern. The drums in the background provided the bass and weight that the track needed to complement Alland’s prolific tone. Overall, the instrumental has a spacey vibe to it that supports its theme of reaching for the sky. Alland masterfully raps over the beat and remains in his zone throughout the track.

Let’s start discussing the song now. The song begins with a hook that is catchy and trippy. It helps dispel the myth that the sky is the limit. As Marcus puts it, there are no end to achievement and success. The track has a motivational connotation to it.

The track is split into two verses. Alland’s first verse feels like he wants to show what’s to come. He pushes towards working hard and polishing one’s work ethic to new levels. The first verse feels like Alland is just warming up for a more significant project. The background adlibs add a lot of flavor and depth to the track.

In the second verse, Alland switches up the flow a bit. He raps about not taking shortcuts and reflects on his purpose in the rap game. Figuring out why he’s dedicated to the rap game seems to be a core driving force for him to continue excelling. He also takes a moment to look back to his roots. He further raps about how respect is something that needs to be earned. Overall, I found the subject matter to be quite elaborate and well fleshed out.

There’s something that needs to be said about Alland’s rapping. He’s got the drive and hunger, which indicates he’s ready to give everything he has to his craft. I can only imagine what a future project would sound like and focus on.

All in all, I really enjoyed listening to the track. I am looking forward to hearing more from Alland! Check this track out!

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