“Now I See” is a hip-hop album by artist ‘Noyz’. It’s a 7 track album that does a good job of showing the various shades of Noyz’s personality, evolution, and mindset. Despite its relatively short runtime, I enjoyed the project for its quality production, introspective lyrics, and catchy melodies.

The album starts strong with Infamous. A background snippet talks about the cyclic nature of insanity. We are led to a slow track where Noyz talks about his trains of thoughts, anxieties, and mental health. This sets in motion a lot of issues and topics that Noyz will discuss later in this album. I thought it was a good and deeply relatable opening track for Now I See. 

Don’t Let Me Fall picks the vibe up with its piano instrumental and melodic hook sung by Noyz. At this moment, I realized the Noyz has a talent for singing. Overall, it’s an uplifting track where he talks about taking matters into his own hands, understanding the power within himself. He switches his flow in the second verse and touches on spirituality. I couldn’t help but notice how buttery smooth he sounded throughout the track. This helped cement it as an uplifting track.

Ain’t Shit On My Wrist caught me off-guard. It had a sharp tonal shift from the previous tracks. The production style instantly became hard-hitting and bass-heavy. Noyz flexes his rapping skills. It’s a song about zero bullshit. He raps about what it means to be real. He calls out people who only pretend to come from money but don’t know anything about that life. I liked the subject matter of this song.

Luv u plays next on the album. It’s a deeply heartfelt song that goes deep into storytelling. Noyz showcases his emotional side here. There’s a fair bit of singing on this track. In the context of the album, it’s a good track to recharge and relax to.

Noyz gets back on his grind with the track I’ll Get It Alone. The bass-heavy instrumental is dominated by Noyz rapping about his work ethic and talking about his struggle as an artist. His main point of contention lies on people who want to celebrate his success but were absent during the struggle. He digs deep into these fair-weather friends throughout I’ll Get It Alone. 

Smoke It Off shows another side to Noyz. We are introduced to him as a man who despite (or because of) his strong work ethic has to rely on the comfort of weed to cope with his burdens and stress. Everybody deserves a break sometimes and Noyz isn’t hesitant to show how he deals with his struggles and stress. I enjoyed the track because of how honest and open it was.

Thankful To See The Horizon is the closing track for the project. Noyz raps about grinding on and not being taken down by others. I appreciated his straight-forwardness throughout the track and how he reflects on his past from time to time. Symbolically, he reflects on what his name means and touches up on identity. I thought this was an apt closing track for an album that talks about the different aspects and shades of Noyz. 

Overall, I enjoyed listening to this project and would love to hear more of Noyz’s discography.

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