#yldlyfe is a hip-hop project by artists YLD $taxx and Jake Haze. Throughout the 10 ten tracks, I was mesmerized by the trap heavy production, adlib-rich, and braggadocious rap styles that populated the album. Overall, it has a flashy and dark vibe that plays around with cadences, flows, and modern trap.

I can tell the WinningSince85 crew had a lot of fun making this project. There is a fair bit of experimentation going on in the background. Each track offers a vibe that feels fleshed out and elaborates. Special props should go to the production. There are layers upon layers of instruments interwoven with fun adlibs. This helps add depth to the tracks. I found myself playing back tracks again and again to catch the adlibs and insanely fine inflections present in almost every track.

If you feel like going for a long and fun ride, playing this album on your speakers is a good idea. Every track has a trance-inducing beat with equally psychedelic hooks. I like how they are using electronic and auto-tune influences to change the tone of the tracks. They have a gift when it comes to using their voice and tone as an instrument. My favorite track was easily Porsche. It is packed with features. Each feature adds a lot of value to the track and I couldn’t help but add it to my rotation. 

If you feel like you want to hear trap music infused with cloud rap, I recommend giving #yldlyfe a listen!

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