Wahzaa is a platform to host, play and acquire royalty-free beats. For any artist, getting a beat either for a hit track or simple sampling can be quite tricky. Not everybody has access to a world-class studio or a perfect team of producers. A lot of artists start with simple foundations and rap over any beat that suits their style and flow. Wahzaa is a platform that fulfills this niche. It’s not only ideal for artists with a limited budget but even established producers can find value in this service.

Upon opening the website, I was led to a beautiful interface. Although the idea of a royalty-free beat platform isn’t revolutionary, Wahzaa is doing something special when it comes to execution. The interface is intuitive and instantly beats from producers and artists become visible. There are categories for trending beatmakers, beat-packs, and single beats. Instantly I was tempted to try out beats for myself. Each beat has tags that identify the instruments used and the ‘artist type’. For example, if I am looking for a ‘Roddy Ricch’ type beat, I can easily find it in their catalog. I think bundling beats according to artist type is especially clever and strategic. Overall, I found the whole setup quite accessible and user-friendly. The subscription options are incredibly affordable. There’s a lot of bang for your buck provided that your instantly given access to all the beats for only 10$ a month. I think it’s a steal honestly.

Check out Wahzaa! You might find a beat that you like.

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