“v for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2WO” is a hip-hop project by artist “v!n$ynT”. v!n$ynT goes out of his way in this 11 track episodic ride that deals with issues pertaining to his personal life as well as the black community as a whole. His verses are intelligent, wise, and coherent. The project as a whole wastes no time in delivering its concepts, showcasing stellar production, and v!n$ynT’s finesse as an artist.

The production of the album deserves a lot of props. I was thoroughly mesmerized by how well each track was layered with beats and instruments. Songs that utilized samples sounded fresh and resembled a lot of early Kanye work. While a lot of rappers these days like to rap over basic beats that utilize hard-hitting 808’s and generic patterns, v!n$ynT always does something different in keeping the experience fresh and unpredictable.

Overall, the album is divided into 11 distinct ‘episodes’ that deal with separate subject matters. v!n$ynT is good at picking a theme, adapting the atmosphere according to it, and staying on the subject. His conceptual prowess is strong and relevant.

Starting with S2 E1: “Different Levels, Different Devils”, v!n$ynT uses soft vocals and a piano instrumental to ease his audience into the album. From the get-go, I vibed with the energy that he was dedicated to the opening track. He flexes his story-telling skills as he raps about the various issues the black community has to face daily. At this point I knew, he was here to talk serious business as he can see beyond himself.

S2 E2: “The Sad Magician” is the next track. Immediately, the scale of his instrumentation feels grander. There are multiple layers in the production here. He raps at length about the process of indoctrination and how someone can be a prisoner of habit. He argues that real change comes from within and has a huge compounding effect later on. He flexes his conscious side throughout the track and I ended up appreciating the track. 

S2 E3: “The little Things” focuses on intricacies with its old school sampling. Here v!n$ynT switches up his flow and craft’s an atmosphere that feels like its straight from the ’80s. His ability to instantly transport his audience into whatever ambiance he wants feels unique and unparalleled. This track is a tribute to his loved ones and family. He also delves into talking about his experience with spirituality and religion. Overall, I enjoyed the story-telling on this track.

S2 E4: “Breakdowns & Breakthroughs” starts with a strong acoustic background and a rock-influenced sample. I loved the beat and felt that it stood out from the rest of the catalog. For a full minute, he lets the beat marinate before starting an introspective and emotionally-packed verse. He talks about his losses, death, and sorrows. This track helped add a new dimension to v!n$ynT as I could feel the agony and pain in his voice. It was moody and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

S2 E5: “Same Feeling, Different Story” relies on trap instrumentals thanks to its 808 heavy inflections. v!n$ynT leans in on the issue of identity. He talks about what it means to be black. He hints at the factors that can lead to an identity crisis. There are a lot of callbacks to systemic racism and the shared heritage of the black community. This was a deeply conscious track that was rendered even more poetic thanks to his impeccable wordplay and symbolism.

S2 E6: “Busted Pipes? Or VVS?” feels different with its soft and mellow voice. v!n$ynT raps about his struggles and hardships. Throughout this track, I felt he was rapping straight from the soul. His poetic one-liners would often make me stop to ponder and reflect on what he was talking about.

S2 E7: “Breakup Routine” immediately brings a trance-inducing beat to the mix. I love how v!n$ynT experimented with his flow a little bit. He reflects on the cyclic nature of breakup. v!n$ynT is incredibly emotionally intelligent as he identifies the struggle and the stress that is often associated with the ‘breakup routine’. His verses also contain the typical banter that surrounds a breakup and through these snippets, he is able to sprinkle in some personal wisdom.

S2 E8: “Opposites Attract” talks about polar opposite individuals coming together for a relationship. v!n$ynT points out the nuances that play out in such a volatile dynamic. I felt that he was certainly skilled at rapping about issues that can cause contrast and conflict between people and communities.

The next track was S2 E9: “LOL, Sad Face”. A bass guitar inflection forms the backbone of this track. v!n$ynT adapts his flow according to the beat. Overall, this track boasts a darker vibe as v!n$ynT raps about grim topics. He points out the existential threat that he and the community face on a day-to-day basis.

S2 E10: ”Every Road has Setbacks” utilizes soulful singing to reach straight for the heart. v!n$ynT flexes his wordplay. I was proud when I caught the bar where he raps about “Pyramid schemes being inverted to inverted prisms”. Throughout the track, v!n$ynT raps about the figurative road to success and the fact that it’s riddled with setbacks. Mistakes lead to experience and experience is important for one to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. He strikes as a particularly self-aware individual who can reflect on his shortcomings and vulnerabilities.

S2 E11: “Can’t Knock the Ambition” is the closing track for the project. v!n$ynT reflects on his inexhaustible work ethic and giving everything to the rap game. He raps about his ambition for his craft. I thought this was a clean way of closing the album as well as exciting the audience for the next project.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience v!n$ynT cultivates throughout “v for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2WO”. If you want to try something soulful and deep, give this album a listen!

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