“Garden of Deities” is a hip-hop project by artist “Blac Samurai”. Throughout the eight tracks, Blac Samurai engages his audience with fresh flows, nostalgic aesthetic, and gripping ideas. I enjoyed the short and sweet time I had with Garden of Deities.

The album starts off strong with Name Me King. We are introduced to Samurai’s hungry and earthy voice overlaid on top of strong sampling and a hearty piano. The production of the album remains consistent throughout the project delivering a slightly darker vibe throughout. Just carries on in the same fashion with its boom bappy and bass-heavy beat fused with pop culture references. Blac Samurai invokes a strong sense of nostalgia with the way he presents himself on the track.

Another highpoint for me was the song Good were Blac Samurai lets the beat marinate before rapping about living the high life and delivering positive vibes to those who reciprocate. I enjoyed how he was able to switch his flows according to the instruments he was rapping on. 97 BIG was another peak in the album where Blac Samurai shows his early 90’s gangsta rap influence. He showcases his storytelling over organic instruments. Temptation showed an intimate side of Blac Samurai. The slight tonal shift gave way to LakeithRashad’s melodic singing. The album closes off with The Man which is a brave and bold outro. Blac Samurai peels back another layer, becomes incredibly introspective, and looks at the bigger picture.

Overall, I was pleased with the Garden of Deities and I am looking forward to hearing more from Blac Samurai!

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