“Long Time Coming” is twelve track album from artist ‘Mr. Jones’. Throughout its modest run time of forty-five minutes, Mr. Jones masterfully executes concepts and concocts brilliant stories for his listeners. The album is loaded with unique beats and nostalgic tones that remind me of the ’90s and the early 2000’s hip-hop scene.

Kicking off with ‘Hey!’, Mr. Jones introduces himself as an artist. His verses are lively, jovial, and teeming with pop-culture references. I strongly felt that his bouncy cadence was able to skillfully ride the beat. The instrumental itself keeps on evolving throughout the track and leads into Cancer Man. Cancer Man is the very definition of a song that just sounds hard. The superb production coupled with a hook that evokes nostalgia seems like a perfect combo here. Mr. Jones can sing on the hook as well as he can flow on his beats. Outta Space delivers a spacey beat with Mr. Jones rapping about his high ambitions and equally strong work ethic. He throws a lot of pop-culture references around and I tried to make sure that I got every one of them. On Tour was where Mr. Jones took me to a different realm altogether. Going from Sydney to Tokyo to Vegas and so on, Mr. Jones uses his brilliant storytelling skills to take his listeners with him on his tours. As a conceptual track, I felt On Tour was exactly what I wanted it to be and more.

Darkness Falls is where things start to get a little grim and real. Mr. Jones raps about pain and the crushing feeling of betrayal from his partner. The instrumental is dominated by a gritty piano loop that adds depth to the song overall. Thankfully, it ends on a positive note with the mention of his daughter. Fake It Til I Make It is another conceptual track that follows Mr. Jones as he raps about imagining the high life of a rapper and very much dressing for the part he’s going to play. On a deeper note, the song is about believing in oneself and the journey of eventually making it. Fire is a song that switches it up when Mr. Jones raps over a rock instrumental. This track pretty much shows how adaptive he is for different kinds of beats and instruments. Moon of My Sky carries a jazzy influence and the hallmarks of an intimate track talking about the feeling of having a partner. Sex in the City is the next track that focuses on story-telling. Bizarre from D12 is a feature on this track. He makes his presence felt with his deep voice and an equally sinister flow.

Dreams is where the curtains start to close. It is a thoughtful song about ambition and doing what one loves to do. I liked the message here and thought that it was a very inspirational song. Endless Self is a heartwarming tribute to Mr. Jones’s daughter who’s been a source of comfort for him. The acoustic instrumental makes the song all the more warm and sweet. Never Going Back is the last song on the album and ends the project on a strong note. Mr. Jones essentially tells his listeners that he is here to stay in the rap game as well as on their playlists.

I enjoyed Long Time Coming. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Mr. Jones. You can listen to his album, and if you want more, Mr. Jones is dropping another project in May and its called ‘No Time to Waste’. Be sure to check it out!

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