The Implementer is a 15 track album by artist Killahronh who is a prolific member of the Drodian crew. Throughout the hour-long runtime, Killaronh is joined by fellow artists from Drodian to form a body of work that contains a barrage of bangers, conceptual pieces, and short skits. The pacing and the consistent lyrical prowess of both Killaronh and his features made this album a memorable one.

The album kicks off with a strong drum solo in ‘Barakah’. While the performance is laudable, Killaronh is quick to make his presence known with verses that talk about his work ethic and his being ready for any and everything. The hunger in his voice was a key highlight of this track. In ‘Drodian Membership’, we are ushered into a mini cipher with performances from Kurupt, Irie2012, Too Nasty, and Sneek Rothstein. The idea of being part of the elite ‘Drodian’ brotherhood is established. I found every performance to be substantial and longed for even more. ‘BadMon remix’ starts with a sinister beat and an equally infectious flow. Killahronh uses this track to prove that he can switch his pace, and knows the ins and outs of the rap game.

For me, the second act of the album begins after ‘Beat Speak’ which is a short but hilarious skit. ‘Rap Lives Matter’ follows another thread that forms the central point of this album: paying homage to the greats. The song is the very embodiment of a tribute. It samples Dr. Dre’s ‘Still Dre’, delivers nostalgic vibes and Sneek Rothstein adds depth with his rich feature. ‘Crypto Ninjas’ is where the beat takes the backseat and Killaronh flexes his story-telling skills. After another humorous skit, ‘Da Engineerz’ is another strong track with Too Nasty dropping a verse. Both Killaronh and Too Nasty have a presence throughout the track. Given Too Nasty’s amazing song production talent and an equally thrilling rap persona, I felt he was following in the footsteps of Dr. Dre himself. ‘Guns & Butter’ is all about repping the old-school era of hip-hop while living in the new age of rap. Killaronh fully delivers on his vision and lets us know that he’s studied the game in-depth and analyzed the entire careers of the legends of hip-hop.

‘Talking 2 You’ is another lyrically dense gem with a mesmerizing performance from Dios Negasi. He talks about living the gang life and barrages us with clever one-liners. I thought ‘AR get your ER’ed in a NY minute’ was a crazy bar. ‘Reppin’ is the next song with a vibey hook and a hilarious ending skit. I thought the beat here was the most unique in the entire project. ‘Drodian Lore’ is when the last part of the album begins. It’s a six-minute track that essentially tells the origin story of the ‘Drodian’ brand. Part reality and part fantasy, I found this track to form the narrative backbone of the entire project. The last three tracks end the album on a high note. ‘MLK’ is a chilling track about racial injustice where Killaronh touches the bigger issues. He flawlessly raps about the pervasive systemic racism and biased judicial system of the US. ‘Enlightenment’ is a concrete conceptual track with trance-inducing beat. Like some other songs, it also ends with a closing skit. I found these closing skits and audio montages to be an interesting and unique little tidbit in this album. ‘Talent’ is the last track that has a stylistic switch up with melodic singing and a trippy beat. The closing message here is that talent isn’t everything, it is even more important to take opportunities where one can.

Overall, I found this album to be a marvelous project with memorable tracks and strong features. Do give this a listen!

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