“Home” is a lead single by hip-hop artist “Money Jezu$” ( pronounced as Money Jezus). The song was released in December and became the subject of both praise and hate regarding a delicate theme that dealt with the issues of the black trans community. Upon watching the video and analyzing the song, I was elated to see how a trans person was portrayed, and the perceptions of the people that they had to endure. Ironically, the same perceptions that were shown with fictional characters in the video, materialized into a grim reality following the blowback from the video. Let’s talk about the song first.

I was previously unfamiliar with Money Jezu$ as a hip-hop artist but the vocal range that he shows in this song impressed me. He was in control of the highs and the lows of his vocals. The production of the song is really stellar and I found little to complain about how the chorus and the verses flowed together. Overall, the sound is very cohesive, the tone feels like a hybrid between pop and R&B. The lyrical matter of the song takes center stage here. Of course, the subject matter cannot be fully discussed without mentioning the Youtube video that accompanies and complements it. Uploaded on Money Jesu$’s YouTube channel it shows a young trans woman’s journey of acceptance. Throughout her ordeal, she has to face judgment and negative perceptions of the people around her. She feels marginalized by her own community, and the general air is that of discomfort and transphobia. Money Jezus’s lyrics pull at the heartstrings. Throughout the song, his lyrics are propelled towards displaying the adversities that the trans community has to face when it comes to seeking acceptance and normality. In the song, this issue takes on another dimension as the young trans woman has to find acceptance in her boyfriend’s family. I found this whole package to be emotionally riveting.

In the polarized world of today, this video attracted a lot of attention after being shared by Demi Lovato on her Instagram. The LGBTQIA community expressed positive emotions in the comment section but this positivity was short-lived as a hateful (and quite vocal) audience also flocked towards the video. Despite the controversy and the spike in hate comments, this video continues to be circulated around social media because of its positive message and representational values. One thing is for certain, Money Jesu$ certainly has reached the hearts of millions of people. His melodic singing, thought-provoking lyricism, and socially critical views have had a profound effect on the internet and brought cohorts of people together. The comment section is teeming with positive comments and has managed to drown out most of the hate. It’s a good indication that positivity always wins at the end of the day.

I strongly feel that this song deserves to be heard as it sheds light upon issues that normally get shunned away.

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