“Tha New Wave” is a collaborative project by the hip-hop band Tha Nation. Starring HoodLife Muzik, Ray Ready, J.Stokes & Slim Lo this ten-track album has various tracks. Each member of the group has a distinct cadence, flow and story to tell. I found this project to be diverse in its beat selection and various themes. It had a little bit of everything, and that served it quite well.

The album opens with Tha New Wave Cypher that showcases the talents of various members. In the context of this project, I thought it was a wise and strategic decision to have a cypher as an opening track. It helps establish the members and gives a peak into the strength of each personality. I was introduced to the energetic cadences and snappy flows of each member. GoGo Gadget had a bouncy electronic beat coupled with a catchy hook. I felt mesmerized by Stuck On You’s acoustic beat with Nita’s melodic singing. The song’s main theme was about not being able to move on from a love interest. BNG 2 Tha Top brought in a different energy with its vibey flow and rhythm, which was later contrasted with Stand By, which was a slower track. Tha Nation’s J.Stokes, HoodLife Muzik and Slim Lo introduced their introspective sides.

Along with delivering a variety of beats, Tha Nation also delivers songs of different flavors. For example, House of Pain and Wanna Vibe were infused with island instrumentals. House of Pain had the most radio potential, while Wanna Vibe lived up to its name. The curtains started closing in with SUV and Rize.

I felt the individual strengths of Tha Nations members complemented each other to form a cohesive whole. I fully welcomed the diversity of the tracks, themes, and ideas presented within. I highly recommend listening to this album!

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