Inglewood Artist Musa is back with Here But I’m Gone, a seventeen track album that reaches new heights both in rhythm and reason. Having been produced, written, and performed by Musa, it is a testament to his skill and dedication to the rap game. I have reviewed his previous EP Find Your Religion and this project greatly exceeded my expectations. Let’s see how it is a step-up for Musa.

Starting with production, Musa has a firm grip over his beat and sample selection. Being both the producer and performer, Musa has great control over tailoring his beats according to his flow. This strength shines throughout the album and gives a new dimension to his tracks. The sampling, as well as the instrumentals, carry a cohesive vibe to them. Musa can incorporate soulful sounds to deliver his insightful messages. Clearly, he knows what he is doing here.

Musa employs verticality throughout the project and juxtaposes it with his own ascension into fame and success. He masterfully uses metaphors to deliver these concepts. A central theme of this project is Musa looking at life from a different perspective. Through his continuous struggle and impeccable work ethic, he has enjoyed the fruits of his labor. He talks in-depth about being at a higher place and what that means for him and those around him. Musa has a distinct way of being braggadocios without seeming too full of himself. This level of self-awareness is rare within the rap game, and I found it quite refreshing. PULL UP, FOX HILLS FLOWS, and DECEMBER ’20 are some of my favorite tracks from this project.

I highly recommend listening to this album. Musa has refined his sound, flow, and ideas, and this album is a testament to his hard work.

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