“Untitled” is a twelve-track album by Monieman Trail, a new artist coming from VA. The trap-heavy production contains banger after banger. After going through this album, I felt that I needed to hear more of it. Monieman goes hard with his expression, bars, and flow and surely doesn’t shy away from being bold and braggadocios.

Collaborating with Plug Kari, 10/4 Flex, and OSO Sensei, Monieman Trail delivers a complete package in this heavy-hitter.

There’s something to be said about every track on this project. Starting with Gucci Bag, I was introduced to Monieman’s style of rapping. Together with flashy production, his flow feels contagious and rides the beat well. We All-In follows in the same pattern with its 808 heavy beat and laudable feature from NLB Devi. Rtr completely switches it up with its recorder-influenced instrumental and Monieman talking about getting gritty and dirty on the streets. Power is appropriately named as Monieman brags about being uncompromising in the face of difficulty. Certainly, his darker side carries this song, not to mention the almost sinister sample looping in the background. Reset shows the introspective nature of Monieman Trail. This heart to heart was much needed after four bangers, where most listeners need a breathing room. I appreciate its placement on the tracklist. Have It follows in the same suit and gives cohesiveness to the themes Monieman runs on. Why brings back Monieman’s trap-heavy production where he calls back to 50-Cent’s Many Men. Gunna is where Monieman talks about his come-up and roots. In Kream, Monieman talks about his work ethic and not taking any chances with his opps. This kind of reflection made the second half of the album for me. The curtains start closing in around the tenth track Dirty. Dreams and When We Die are all about personal aspirations, sending a message to his listeners, and setting out to achieve big goals.

I resonated with the tracks in the second half of the album and vibed with the bangers on the first half of Untitled. All in all, it’s an album that is worth listening to.

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