“Sauce” is the latest single from Detroit-bred artist Shantel Giselle. It’s bold, brave, and catchy with Shantel singing and rapping. She gives all she had over the three-minute track, bragging about her prowess, skills, and lifestyle.

Starting with the lush production, Sauce certainly makes a much welcome impact on the eardrums. The trap-influenced, bass-heavy track can easily become the crown-jewel of any sound system. It has a modern touch to it and largely complements Giselle’s presence on the track. I strongly felt that the beat was tailored according to the strengths and style of Giselle (of which she has a lot). At the end of the song, there is a 15-second duration where the beat fades out. This subdued section makes me appreciate the production even more as it is reminiscent of the curtains closing after a major performance.

Let’s talk about Giselle’s rapping for a second. From the hooks to the verses, Giselle dominates the track with her strong and distinct voice. She has this edge to her, which sets her apart. Every bar she delivers certainly lands. Her flow seems to ride the beat, and she certainly knows her way around this trap-influenced production. The subject matter, themes, flow, and beat all interweave with each other to give a solid, focused performance. This song has the potential to enter many rotations as it did mine.

Sauce doesn’t only sound pretty. It says a lot for a three-minute track. This single starts with a solid first verse where Giselle drops pop culture references and uses her love of basketball analogies to make her points. She name drops major basketball players while bragging about never missing her own shots. If anything she proves these points in her rapping and subject matter. Giselle introduces us to her wild side and talking about being present in the streets. She comes across as a seasoned veteran of the streets and isn’t reluctant to talk about where she is coming from. The cold beat further amplifies the weight of her words that she is rapping. The built-up tension is broken down by the hook and is followed by the second verse.

The second verse brings this sense of immediacy to the song. Giselle talks about how time is ticking for anybody who chooses to mess with her. This cleverly enveloped threat certainly holds a lot of weight, and truth as being rough is something Giselle talks about in the previous verse. She tops it all off with this clever bar, ‘Hard to break like Nokia’. If anything, her braggadocios style with an uncompromising outlook on life all but makes it abundantly clear that she isn’t playing around.

I was pleasantly surprised by Shantel Giselle’s skillset and natural rapping ability in Sauce. She seems like the perfect blend of energy, charisma, and roughness to make a great artist reach new heights. I highly recommend listening to this song!

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