“All Of Me” is a five-track EP by Houston artist PGMaine. This EP is appropriately named because PGMaine indeed gives all of himself throughout his tracks. His distinct voice packs an emotional punch while he masterfully rides the beats that he raps on. This five-track EP is a perfect invitation to PGMaine’s life struggles and story. 

The first track Toxic introduces a wasted-sounding PGMaine where he raps on trippy samples with the aid of his sharp and raspy voice. The most standout element for me throughout the whole track was how rich his voice was in conveying his emotions. The first half of the track magnified a frustrated, slurred, and distorted sound, while the second half was more solid and energetic. The idea of being ‘Toxic’ was embodied throughout the track and gave a perfect start to this EP. In the first listen, I was too sonically distracted by the production to notice PG’s clever wordplay and catchy one-liners. The standout bar here was ‘conflict resolutions is why you’re left behind’. Surely that made me squint with appreciation.

The second track Faithh began with an acoustic instrumental laid over a tight trippy sample. The distorted background vocals only added more to the track. Again PGMaine was back with his iconic voice talking about pain and agony. Unlike other rappers who only talk about their pain and anguish, PGMaine is able to embody the feeling of losing his mind. Emotions is where PGMaine shines.

The third track Like The Man is packed with heat throughout its three minutes. The strong beat surely makes its presence felt. With this track, it’s all about letting go of the baggage and talking about the stakes. PG has a special talent when it comes to switching up his flow and adapting to beat switches. This track is one such example of that. When I felt that the track was reaching its end, PGMaine came back with a dynamic ‘Woah Woah…’ and brought the energy back to the track. His commitment to making the track lively and unpredictable is what makes it so special. 

I Shoulda Listened begins with a heartfelt piano, and this style fits perfectly with the theme of the track centered around feelings and being introspective. PGMaine reflects back on his life and his past regrets. The storytelling throughout the track is strong and gives a lot of information about PGMaine’s headspace and mindset. I was certainly not expecting this amount of depth in only a five-track EP, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Stress is the last track and a fitting one. It serves as a great closing track where PGMaine follows the theme of being shrouded in darkness and difficulty. He talks about his lack of motivation, not trusting anyone, and reflecting on his lifestyle. This song definitely pays off due to the buildup that is apparent throughout the EP.

All in all, I really enjoyed this short and sweet project. I highly recommend All Of Me!

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