Hailing from Texas, hip-hop artist Gak has a lot to say in his album, ‘Welcome to Forever’. Over the course of the 7 track EP, I found myself enjoying the various sounds, flows and instrumentals Gak utilizes in order to move his ideas forward and present them to his listeners. From the first to the last track, Welcome to Forever is a polished work of art that has something for everyone.

Beginning with the first track Tony Stark, we are introduced to a bass and drum heavy instrumental that feels akin to curtains being drawn open at a cinema. There are samples and snippets from various media, one of them being from the Iron Man movies. Gak shows that he is warming up and is in the process of ‘suiting up’ for the main action. This scenic and atmospheric tracks leads into the second one, which is naturally named Iron Man.

The second track is a moody and vibey track where Gak stretches his vocal cords to give a solid singing performance. His hooks have a very trippy aesthetic to them. He drops his first solid verse of the album, and it has layered bars sprinkled everywhere. I personally like the wordplay of “Activist on Actavis”, and the light bit of story-telling he had going on at the start. At this point in the album, I found myself invested in the message that Gak was trying to convey.

Leave Me Alone was the introspective track that helped introduce Gak and show another side of him. Throughout the track, Gak felt one with the electric guitar instrumental and gifted the song with a trippy hook. I strongly feel that Gak is talented when it comes to crafting catchy and trippy hooks. He opens up about his mental health, his demons and internal conflicts. It’s really moving to hear how he is in this constant bout with overcoming his negative self, and being the best version of himself. This verse really helped humanize Gak for me. This feeling was further solidified with Hated Now. Hated Now was a dose of nostalgia that was fueled by a light and dreamy instrumental. Gak weaves his soft-spoken singing voice with female vocals in the back, and evokes this strong sense of nostalgia throughout the track. The hooks are again very well done.

The next track Journey was also an atmospheric track with another superb hook. What’s not to love? It has a catchy chorus, light acoustic instrumental and message that is uplifting and inspirational. He sings about the metaphor of bucking up for life, and riding till the end with no worries. In his verse, he strings together a very clever sport analogy of other people being out his league, and therefore trying to set up their own leagues.

The last two tracks are 6th Sense and Welcome to Forever help end the album on a strong note. 6th Sense with its smooth singing, minimal bassy beat and another metaphor-rich verse is too sonically impressive. The heart-felt singing at the end serves as the perfect icing on the cake. The album ends with Welcome to Forever which is another atmospheric track. I found it to be a very poetic track that ended the album on a strong note. All in all, Welcome to Forever is a very cohesive album that flows well and has a lot of introspective content to offer. Don’t miss out on hearing this!

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