I found myself bumping my head deep into “Truly Committed” by hip-hop artists Yung Goony and J Mouse. The track that almost runs 4 minutes has a lot to offer sonically and lyrically. I replayed it multiple times to fully absorb the essence and understand the multiple influences that inspired this song.

First and foremost, the production of this track needs to be lauded. The trap-influenced beat has a lot going on. It has all the tenets of a traditional trap instrumental, and the occasional bumps from 808’s help this track hit hard. Sonically, it’s worth listening on high-quality bass-boosted stereo sets. I can envision this being played in the clubs. The various hats and kicks in the beat spring it to life and leave a very lasting impression throughout the track.

Yung Goony’s performance is stellar throughout the track. He has stated this his influences include Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Frank Ocean. I could definitely see how they influenced his sound. His trippy and psychedelic hook is reminiscent of early Travis, and his rapping is very akin to that of Young Thug. Although Yung Goony does sound similar to these artists, it is safe to say that his aesthetic and sound is very much in their own lane. He infuses his rapping with the beat to give a holistic experience. He seems very connected to the track, and his flow is stitched to the beat that further elevates the enjoyment of the track. This is amplified even more by the gritty and braggadocious verse from J Mouse.

The subject matter of Truly Committed stays true to its title. Yung Goony opens up with a strong hook about how he is truly committed to the game and earning riches. He sings about his journey so far, and facing hardships. His hook directly leads into his verse on the track. His verse is laden with a trap-inspired flow sprinkled with adlibs that establish a psychedelic mood for the listener. Yung Goony definitely has a lot to say when it comes to being married to the rap game and his work ethic. The second half of the track introduces us to J Mouse’s verse. J Mouse is a good contrast to Yung Goony when it comes to flow and subject matter. He has a more traditional and grounded rapping persona with a particular braggadocios verse. His grittiness helps add another dimension to Truly Committed. His verse about the streets, struggles, and the drip gives the perfect kick the song needs. Finally, Yung Goony comes back in with his solid hook to give one final push.

Overall, I felt the track to be very enjoyable, atmospheric, and replayable. The chemistry of Yung Goony and J Mouse felt natural, and their flows complemented each other. I can see myself coming back to Truly Committed every once in a while, and it’s going to be in my rotation. Go ahead and listen to Truly Committed.

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