“Can’t Trust” is the latest single from Portland-based rapper Karma Rivera. Having made waves with her prolific flow, bold lyrics, and vibey hooks, she is back with another bold offering. Rivera has a special talent when it comes to crafting catchy anthems that are laid over concrete production.

Can’t Trust is an almost three-minute song that has a lot to offer sonically and lyrically. As soon as the track starts, we are introduced to Rivera’s distinct, tangy and hard-hitting voice rapping about not trusting anyone. As an upcoming rapper, she lays down her priorities in this song and tells her fans what she is in it for. She incorporates clever wordplay that leaves one smiling. Throughout the track, she gets a lot of points across in alternative and witty ways. She talks about being ‘the elephant in the room’, because everybody knows about her presence but nobody is willing to bring it up. In itself, this metaphor is an intelligent way to show that she has an intimidating presence and persona.

The issue of trust takes center stage in this club banger. From the surface, it looks like a single that will be readily adopted by raging fans in a concert or night-club; however, masked beneath all that braggadocios layer is Rivera’s lack of trust when it comes to anyone but herself. She displays how confident she is about herself and how little she trusts her feelings for anyone that might be a hindrance. In a way, she talks about her work ethic and how she is focused on getting the bread. She isn’t willing to compromise on her dreams or vision just because of someone else. Moreover, not everyone is happy about her rising up, and this naturally discourages her from trusting anyone else. Rivera sheds light on all these separate aspects throughout the track and has the audience nodding with the beat.

The kind of atmosphere and vibe Rivera delivers in Can’t Trust is distinct. Even though she is fairly recent in the rap game, it seems as if she’s already carved her own lane. Listen to her now! Also be sure to follow Karma!

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