“Millionaire” is the debut album of West Coast Hip-hop artist “DraMatiQue” (pronounced as dramatic). Under the Newborn Records label, this is a strong first album from DraMatiQue, which draws musical flavor from the 2000s and combines it with modern production to present a new and unique sound. This album shows a lot of promise for the upcoming rapper in terms of bold production, creative flow, and sharp rhythmic hooks. It is safe to say Millionaire will put DraMatiQue on the radar for hip-hop enthusiasts.

From the get-go, Millionaire starts with a robust rock-influenced track Why We Rock. It helps introduce DraMatiQue as a rapper who is finally living his dream of releasing a full-fledged project. His catchy hook and unique sound draw particular attention from his audience. By the end of the track, you feel yourself yearning for more.

The next track on the album, The Moment, follows suit in terms of content. We are introduced to DraMatiQue’s slightly distorted vocals infusing clever wordplay with a vibey hook. He raps about how he has been looking forward to this moment and leaves a very inspirational effect on his listeners. His sound carries nostalgia for the 2000s and provides us with a somewhat traditional sound. In an age where young hip-hop heads favor mumble rap, DraMatiQue gives us a fresh reincarnation of a sound that many have grown up on. Tracks like Hangin On and Wake Up Call utilize a sharp blend of soul sampling, which is also reminiscent of the 2000s. These samples seem to be carefully curated and naturally incorporated within the tracks. Although the instrumentals are loud and flashy and in tune with DraMatiQue’s braggadocios tone, I never felt the sampling balance to be off. If anything, it complements DraMatiQue’s energy and charisma.

Speaking of charisma, DraMatiQue has a lot of personality sprinkled throughout the record. From talking about growing up in the streets to making it in the world of hip-hop, he has stories and wordplay for everyone. In between tidbits about the realities of life and his work ethic, he does not shy away from rapping about the softer things. He talks about his mental health on Anxiety, giving us a vivid and relatable description of his bout with facing mental hardship and fear. He introduces us to his romantic interests, past flings, and his partner on tracks such as Above Water and Pretty Lil One. Showcasing his emotions and realness really helps give him multiple dimensions. It enables his listeners to view him as someone they can relate with. In tracks like Igrind and Hit the Wall, DraMatiQue takes the gloves off and gives us street anthems that listeners can vibe with. These varying styles and tones help make Millionaire stand out as a fresh and energetic project.

The 18 track album punches way above its weight class with its character, variety, and sound. If you are looking for budding artists in the industry, there is no need to look any further than DraMatiQue. Give him a listen!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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